Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Glad To See The Book Being Stuck To So ... Effectively

Totally true story: stood at Austin Bergstrom airport, putting my boots back on, my laptop in my bag, and my dignity back together after going through security screening. To my right, a small girl – if she was older than 10, I would be shocked. She was wearing a leg brace and cast on her left foot. The metal components of the brace had obviously set the metal detector off, and the security personnel went into ‘frisk’ mode. In order, they:

1: took this tiny girl to one side, in a special area, by herself, with no parent or guardian.

2: made her stand while they ran the hand-wand over her (yes, on her injured leg.)

3: made her turn around, rather than walking around her themselves.

4: swabbed her hands and ran the swab through one of their nice, new, shiny gaschromatographahickey.

5: let her go, while she looked like (not surprisingly) she was going to burst into tears.

This was all done with all the charm, tact, and friendliness usually reserved for dealing with an auto-teller.

I feel SO much safer now.


Blogger Mer said...

That's horrible. Is it really legal if there aren't parents/guardians present?

Behold our tax dollars at work.

10:16 AM  

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